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What is a 4G USB Modem(4G USB Dongle, 4G LTE Modem)?


4G USB Modem is a device which allows like a desktop computer or laptop to access the Internet with very high speed up to 100Mbps or more. Today there are different types of LTE modems on the market that are suitable for various applications such as stationary use as a DSL replacement or mobile browsing, or industrial use M2M connectivity. The Peak speed of 4G USB Modem with LTE module could reach peak download speed up to 100Mbps and download speed at 50Mbps, so many customers call such 4G LTE USB modem as 100Mbps modem. Based on the technology of the data transmission, 4G USB modem could be divided into TDD Modem and FDD Modem.


How does a USB modem 4G work?


The 4G dongle is a USB modem that you plug into the device with which you want to use the internet. Almost all laptops are suitable for internet with a 4G dongle. The only thing that your laptop needs is a USB connection port. After you have installed the software and inserted a SIM card into the 4G modem, you immediately have access to the wireless network of the provider. You can also send and receive SMS, Bluetooth, and infrared signals. To connect to the internet, you may connect to 3G or 4G wireless networks.


What are the advantages of a 4G LTE modem?


The biggest advantage of 4G LTE modem is that you can use the internet anywhere with the 4G USB dongle/modem. It's simple and you do not have to be a techie to use the LTE dongle, everyone can do it. Most providers have starter packages with a manual, 4G LTE Dongle and a SIM card. Inquire with your provider. In addition, the 4G dongle is as big as a USB stick, so easy to carry.

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