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4G Wireless Router is a kind of router with 4G module and 4G SIM slot for LTE TDD/FDD network to support multiple users to access the internet. Some of 4G Router with Ethernet port and SIM card slot, some 4G SIM router with no Ethernet port. If there is no Ethernet port and with a battery in the 4G WiFi router, we call them 4G mobile router or portable 4G router. Usually, the 4G mobile Router supports at least 5 users via WiFi or Lan ports. Without the battery but with SIM card slot, they are also named 4G WiFi Router, 4G LTE Gateway or 4G LTE CPE. With peak speed up to 100Mbps or faster speeds, the users could enjoy hi-link speed to download big movies or large files in seconds. Since outdoor activities become popular, more and more, users like mobile 4G Router or 4G mobile hotspot more, because it's not only portable, but also could help users to access the internet outside home or office, and share network around.